Published peer-reviewed articles

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Conference review articles

Kielkiewicz K., Dalzell T., Boduszek D. Is Spirituality Indefinable? Meaning of the Phenomenon According to the Western Society. The Cave of the Heart: Contemplation, Mindfulness and Social Renewal, A 3 Day Conference (28th – 30th June 2012) at St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, UK.

Under review articles

Kielkiewicz, K., McLaughlin, Ch., Boduszek, D., Empirical Investigation of the Postmodern Concept of Spirituality, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. ISSN 1468-5906.

Conference Presentations

Kielkiewicz, K. (2018, 14th March). Psychotherapy. A rising leader of mental health. Research & Innovation Conference & Exhibition. Citywest, Dublin, Ireland.

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Kielkiewicz, K. (2011, 1st April). How the Semantics of Spirituality Uncovers its Comprehension. First Annual Postgraduate Conference in Humanities and Education. St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra & Mater Dei Institute, Ireland.

Conducted Research Interviews

Professor Philip Sheldrake (Cambridge University),
08/04/2011, DCU, Dublin
Topic of the interview: Investigation of the Concepts of Spirituality within Postmodern Societies.

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