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Dr Krzysztof Kielkiewicz provides clinical treatment for individuals, couples and children with availability of pre-consultation.

Clinical Reports for Courts and Government institutions are available on request

Anger Management

Controlling your anger

Anger, though it has its place, may express itself inappropriately, either towards others or yourself. We cannot control anger provoking situations, but we can manage our attitudes to them. Anger management counselling will look straight to the sources of your anger to get it in context. We then put strategies in place to manage it and to minimize anger confrontation or self harm.


    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

    When a person experiences anxiety stress they may feel their heart pounding, they may begin to sweat profusely, they may feel stuck to the ground, they may feel dizzy and unable to breath. When a person is under pressure to perform they may experience an anxiety stress attack. An anxiety stress attack can also happen out of the blue or when a person is not necessarily under stress. On account of the disabling factors of an anxiety attack a person may feel divested.


      Relationship counselling

      First and foremost, couple counselling works by giving you the chance to be heard. Your counsellor will give you both all the time you need to talk, sob, shout or just think. It’s an opportunity to look at the problem in a different way with someone who’ll respect and encourage your opinions and decisions.


        Sadness or despair

        A person may feel despair, may feel there is no way out, no let up to the constant pain in their body. A person may feel miserable, speechless with pain, with the only way of handling these difficulties is by shutting down, with our health and wellness program there is a light available to bring a close to depression.

          Sport Psychotherapy

          Sport Psychology

          Sport therapy is a very recent way of helping athletes through the use of psychological means to achieve their optimal mental health and to enhance their game performance. Elimination of emotional distractions such as stress, anxiety, exhaustion, enables to utilise human body energy more effectively and to improve such crucial in sport qualities as concentration and durability. Also, mental post-injury recovery is very often associated with crossing a barrier of anxiety and self-disbelief that requires a psychotherapeutic assistance. Performance of a team in the match may be also improved through work on such critical aspects as atmosphere, motivation and cooperation. Disruption in these and many other areas of sport performance may be easily solved by therapeutic help.


            Psychotherapy Clinics in Dublin & Mullingar

            I work in clinics located in Dublin and Mullingar . Carewell Medical Center , tel . (044) 938 4244 67 Oaklawns , Mullingar , Co. Westmeath. Family POLMED clinic , tel . 086 660 3555 102 Parnell Street, Dublin 1 Family poled clinics, tel . 086 733 8566 Lower Dominick Street , Galway Northwood Medical Centre , tel . 086 046 5040 Trust 1b Guliver Retail Park , Northwood, Santry Dublin 9 .

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